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Happy Holidays…and Goodbye

Since childhood, games and Christmas have been linked. That was the time of year I knew I could ask people to get whatever game I was eager to play and there was a pretty decent chance it would show up under the tree on the 25th. Remember the Nintendo 64 kid? That video was a hit not just because it’s funny but because many of us have had similar experiences – those mornings where you got what just what you wanted and life was great.

As an adult with kids of my own, it’s different but still fun. A lot of good times are still had around this time of year, but the troubles and responsibilities of adulthood are also present and sometimes amplified.

I recently was told by Degica that this blog would be discontinued. They are looking to cut back and even the fairly modest cost of maintaining this blog was deemed an unworthy expense. The social media will continue but it won’t be written by me. I’m not sure what my professional future holds, but for now I just will try to enjoy the next couple of weeks with family and friends.

I hope you all have a great holiday season and that you get the awesome games you asked for. It’s been a privilege to discuss games with you all. Maybe one day we’ll meet again. Until then, keep up the good GAM MAK.

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