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Prizes, Prizes Everywhere: A Look at all the IGMC Rewards

We’ve got one day left for the Humble Game Making Bundle and you guys sure made it count! By bringing the sales of the bundle over $1.2 million, you’ve unlocked a massive amount of additional prizes for the 2015 Indie Game Making Contest. Let’s take a few minutes to go over them all and show you the various ways you might win!

With about 24 hours left to go, it looks like the Grand Prize will top out at around $25,000, quite a jump from last year’s $10,000 reward. 2nd place yields about $6,500 and 3rd place gets about $3,200. Given that we expect at least a few hundred entries for the IGMC, these are still long shots. However, there are plenty of other chances to get yourself some prize money.

The first batch of prizes unlocked by the bundle sales were the Engine awards, which will award $1,000 each to the best game made in RPG Maker, Stencyl, Axis Game Factory, Game Guru, App Game Kit, PlayCanvas and GG Maker! Those are a lot of options and some will be more competitive than others. For example, we expect to get a lot of RPG Maker games but something newer like GG Maker might not have as many entries. Depending on how you decide to make your game, the odds of leaving with a prize could wind up a lot better!

There are also a series of prizes based on Genre, each with an award of $1,939.11 (oh, silly percentages). The included genres are RPG, Puzzle, Platformer, Shooter, Adventure, Action, Simulation and Strategy. I’m not exactly sure how the entries will break down along genre lines, but if there’s something there that you feel that you are exceptionally good at, this might be the time to focus on that.

You get a Prize! You get a Prize!

Then there’s the People’s Choice Award, which by definition is out of the hands of any particular entrant. The community will pick their favorite entry and the creator(s) will be awarded about $3,200, the equivalent of a third-place finish. Not too shabby!

Next up is the Embrace the Theme award, which will go to the entry that best exemplifies the twist of this year’s IGMC – growth. This isn’t an especially hard thing to incorporate; you could even argue that just having an RPG where characters level up is an example of growth. However, whoever wants this award will have to really make an effort to work with the theme…and whoever does that the most will have about $1,300 to show for it.

Our next award is one you can get without even entering the contest! The Golden Reviewer Award will go to whoever does the best job evaluating contest entries during the judging period. Don’t underestimate how eager people will be for feedback at this point. The judges will be busy with their duties for a long time before we can offer our assessments, but one good samaritan reviewer will get a prize of about $650. Remember, quality is as important as quantity. Maybe sometime closer to the end of the contest, I’ll write something about good ways to give feedback.

Reviews will have to be more in-depth than this.

Our last one is a bit of a lark – the Golden Pig Award. This is a contest-within-a-contest that will recognize the best level made with the newly-released Adventurezator: When Pigs Fly. This offbeat program allows users to create their own goofy adventure games and we’re going to be giving about $650 to the one we like best! Why not give it a shot?

What do you think of all these options? Are there any that you’re feeling confident about? Which one do you think would be easiest to pull off? Hash it out in the comments!

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